War For The White House

WAR FOR THE WHITE HOUSE HAS GONE DIGITAL! In addition to our classic card game, a digital version of WAR FOR THE WHITE HOUSE is now available online at TABLETOPIA! Click on the link below to create your own Room and invite friends to join you online to engage in a virtual campaign of political warfare.

Before clicking on the link above:
  • If you are new to Tabletopia, or browser based gaming in general, please take a moment to read through this QUICK START GUIDE to help you get started.
  • A full HOW TO PLAY pdf is available in the game LOBBY. Be sure to read through to learn how to control the game and see the game rules.
  • If during gameplay you need a reminder of the game rules or how to use Tabletopia just flip over (F key) and double click on the cards on the long edge of the table to read.

Note: WAR for the White House on Tabletopia is currently free while it is still in development. We will let you know as soon as the digital version is available for purchase online! Until then enjoy the Tabletopia version of the game or buy a physical copy or War For The White House or War For The White House Hardball Edition from our Store on

Can your computer run Tabletopia? Here are the current System Specs:

Minimum hardware:
1.2 GHz (Gigahertz), 2 cores
4GB (Gigabyte) RAM
Graphics card: 512 MB, DX10 capability (everything made in the last 3 years should work)

Recommended hardware:
Intel® Core™ i3 or higher, 1.5+ GHz, 2+ cores
8GB (Gigabyte) RAM (64-bit OS)
Graphics card: 1024 MB, DirectX 11 or higher, discrete video card

OS: Windows Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
Browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox
(Google Chrome stopped supporting Unity Web Player plugin, Opera will stop support soon)
Unity Web Player plugin,
There will also be a standalone PC/Mac client in future and iOS and Android App later.

Additional requirements to use certain features:
Internet access

Communication software:
Tabletopia has an in-game chat feature, but internal voice communication (which we highly recommend for any game) is not yet available. So we advise you to use Skype or TeamSpeak.